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Courageous Conversations  

After a 2 year pandemic, renewed political and societal turmoil, and new awareness of past transgressions toward communities of color, how do we move forward?  

This year, our speakers will encourage us to find ways to cope with the lingering pain and deep sorrow that individuals continue to experience. Through guided conversations, our hope is that our resolve will be strengthened to move forward together with renewed energy and resilience in our personal lives and within our various communities.

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Courageous Conversations: Entertaining Angels Unawares

Northfield resident, Gina Washburn, retired lawyer, and Chair of First UCC’s Immigrant Welcoming Ministry traveled this October to the US/Mexican border with fellow UCC members to “bear witness to the conditions at our border”.

Gina will share stories of people and organizations from whom she obtained first-hand knowledge, as well as provide facts about migration at the border and will offer recommendations about how we can contribute to helping our neighbors.