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Planning a Wedding at St. John's


We are a community that celebrates the beauty of God’s world together in multi-generational community. We believe marriage is rooted in the steadfast love of God and supported through a loving community. St John’s supports couples who choose to be married here with premarital counseling, worship planning, and community prayer. The pastors, organist, wedding coordinator and other members of the St. John’s community will assist you in the preparation of your wedding service.

A wedding at St. John’s is a worship service with its primary focus on God. We follow a liturgy in which music and Scripture readings lend focus to the public vows you will make.

We hope this is a helpful initial source of basic information about weddings at St. John’s. We look forward to connecting with you in person! After you have looked at this information, if you have other questions or are interested in finding open dates, please contact the church office.

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  • Photo by Studio Twelve:52
  • St. John's Hall may be used for receptions
  • Sanctuary

Wedding FAQs

This page provides initial information about weddings at St. John’s. Please contact the church directly with further questions and to receive our full wedding planning booklet.

  • How do I get a wedding scheduled at St. John's?

    The first step is to call the church office at 507-645-4429. After an initial conversation with a pastor, you will be sent an information form which you can return with a deposit of $100 to secure your chosen date.

  • When can weddings be scheduled?

    The church is available for weddings between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays, 4:00 p.m. being the latest we like to begin a ceremony.  A typical ceremony is 30 minutes in length. Rehearsals are usually held at 6:00 p.m. the evening prior to the wedding and typically last 1 hour.

    Weddings on other days of the week may be possible in conversation with the staff. Please call the church office.

  • How many people does the sanctuary hold?

    Our sanctuary comfortably holds 250 and can extend to 300 if guests use the balcony as well. We have rooms available for the wedding party to change and prepare in.


  • How do I plan music?

    St. John’s Director of Music will work with you in choosing music for the ceremony, and assist with rehearsals for soloists or others who may provide music. We have an organ and two fine pianos available for accompaniment. We do not have facilities for playing pre-recorded music.

  • Do I have to be a member for a wedding at St. John's?

    No. We will work with couples who desire to have a wedding that is a worship service with the focus on God, regardless of their church affiliation. One of our pastors will be involved in planning with you. Other Christian clergy may co-preside with our pastors if you desire.

  • What do the wedding fees include?

    Our wedding fee of $800 includes the assistance of a pastor, our Organist and Director of Music, a wedding coordinator, and custodial services for the use of our sanctuary and changing rooms.

    Wedding programs are the responsibility of the couple. An audio recording of the service may be requested.

    Our St. John’s Hall may be reserved for receptions or showers for additional fees.

    In case of financial hardship, please speak with a pastor.

  • What counseling is required?

    St. John’s requires that all couples married here take part in pre-marital counseling. The counseling can be arranged with one of our pastors, in-person or remotely, for a $250 fee, or the couple may arrange for counseling with their own licensed therapist.

  • Can I have my reception at St. John's?

    St. John’s Hall can be reserved for receptions for a separate fee. Our commercial-grade kitchen is available to caterers as well for a fee. The church does not allow the use of alcohol anywhere on the premises. Contact the Office Manager at 507-645-4429 about use of the Hall or kitchen.