In 2021, the Faith & Health Board began thinking of inviting members to share stories in a project called “Life in the Time of COVID.” At that juncture, we thought that after nearly two years the pandemic would soon peter out and that our stories would help bring healing and closure. That has not happened. Our dance with coronavirus continues.

Realizing that we continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19, the Faith & Health Board extends an invitation through the summer and fall for additional “Life” stories from persons of all ages. Stories can run from a single paragraph to several pages. We welcome both single episodes or longer narratives for posting on the St. John’s website. Please email your story to: If you are unable to send your story by email, please mail or drop off a paper copy to the St. John’s office.

The original purpose of the project remains the same: our stories are potent medicine for processing the events of the last nearly three years when our lives have been upended by a series of crises—health, environmental, and social. Stories shared draw our community closer together. Setting down our stories in writing brings creative release. Please sample the stories shared so far and then write your own! It will create a legacy for future generations.

We are also hoping to hear from our young people in words, art, audio, or video.  We ask that submissions by children under 18 be done by their parent or guardian using this link:

If you do not want your story to be published in the CCB online directory or in a printed book, please let us know.

These are the stories from St. John’s members:

Mary Cisar Covid Story
Delores Gustafson Story Covid Story
Keith Homstad Covid Story
Gordie and Dodie Mickelsen Covid Story
Mary Ellen North Covid Story
Bob Nyvall Story Covid Story
Suzanne Pfau Covid Story
Dennis Rinehart Covid Story
Jane Rinehart Covid Story
Kathleen Shea Covid Story
Anne Sovik Covid Story (Contact the Church Office for the story.)
David Sudermann Covid Story