The New York Times called COVID-19 “the greatest health catastrophe in a century.” In our community, the first infections began in mid-March 2020, and the pandemic remains an ongoing public health crisis. In one way or another, we still feel its impact on our lives. The Faith & Health Board invited St. John’s members of all ages to reflect on living in the time of COVID. What have they experienced and felt? What have they lost or gained? How are they coping? How has the pandemic affected work, family, and church? Do they see a hopeful future?

These are the stories from St. John’s members:

Mary Cisar Covid Story
Delores Gustafson Story Covid Story
Keith Homstad Covid Story
Gordie and Dodie Mickelsen Covid Story
Mary Ellen North Covid Story
Bob Nyvall Story Covid Story
Suzanne Pfau Covid Story
Dennis Rinehart Covid Story
Jane Rinehart Covid Story
Kathleen Shea Covid Story
Anne Sovik Covid Story
David Sudermann Covid Story