Church Info

As followers of Jesus Christ, the members of St. John’s Lutheran Church welcome all people to join us in celebrating God’s grace, nurturing their faith, and reaching out to the world in love and service.

Our vision has a strong emphasis on becoming a more welcoming and inviting community of faith, having a greater impact on our neighborhood and Northfield as a whole.  St. John’s aspires to become a visible community of faith by:

  • CELEBRATING through joyful and music-filled worship;
  • CONNECTING children, youth, and adults in faith;
  • CALLING us to each use and share our gifts;
  • COMMITTING to each other through our faith journeys; and
  • CARING through acts of compassion and kindness.

We invite you to worship at St. John’s, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and to attend a service or to contact us with any questions you might have. St. John’s offers two Sunday services and a variety of activities for members of all ages throughout the week. College students are also encouraged to attend services and become active in the ministry of the congregation.

St. John’s was founded in the 1870’s to serve Norwegian immigrants. Our original services were held in Norwegian. In the years since we have expanded to serve all members of the greater Northfield community. We are blessed with a diverse congregation, in terms of profession, age and political persuasion.

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