Stewardship at St. John’s

The dictionary defines Stewardship as: “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.”

The leadership of St John’s works together to make the best use of our resources. The greater our resources, the more we can accomplish.

One of the things we have done that has had a tremendous positive impact on the whole community is build St John’s Hall. St John’s Hall provides a large meeting space that is used every Sunday for coffee / treats and forums between services. The full kitchen adjacent to the large meeting area makes it a wonderful area for suppers and luncheons. Various community and non-profit groups use this space for meetings and programs as well.

The lower level of the addition houses Sunday School classrooms, a nursery, and Open Door Nursery school. These classrooms have greatly improved the space for students and teachers alike.

Another project that is almost complete is the drive to eliminate our second mortgage. Once complete, this will free up financial resources for use in other areas of ministry.

Much like effectively managing your family’s finances, the staff and leadership of St John’s do their best to make the best use of your giving to spread God’s Love and Word.

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