The St. John’s Foundation manages nine underlying funds, each of which provides opportunities for different areas of congregational outreach. While ultimate approval for expenditures falls to the St. John’s Congregation Council, specific boards guide the use of Foundation gifts (for example, Music from the Music Fund).

St. John’s Fund

The largest and oldest fund provides undesignated resources for the St. John’s Congregation Council to disperse. These resources are intended to give the church opportunities to attempt new initiatives, particularly those that go beyond the church’s four walls; the Community Action Center’s Pajama Project received a three-year grant for materials, Stephen Ministry training and travel costs have been covered, as was a significant portion of the improved sound system within the church.

Youth Fund

Given the importance of our youth programs, youth staff and the Youth Board can draw upon this fund; gifts include a wi-fi system to be used by youth while they study at church and a matching fund for Habitat for Humanity.

World Mission Fund

St. John’s has a long history of generosity beyond our borders; this fund has provided support for a number of international partners.

Music Fund

Music ministry is an area of particular focus and strength at St. John’s, this fund supports that area of our worship; enhancements from better lighting in music areas to an organ refurbishment have been supported.

Media Fund

As a congregation, we seek to spread the good news; this fund supports those efforts. Internal efforts, such as new A/V equipment, and external efforts, such as radio broadcasts, have been covered by this fund.

Community Fund

We recognize the needs of others outside of our congregation; this fund has been used to provide everything from food vouchers for the homeless to our Pastors’ emergency fund.

Building and Property Fund

To be leveraged to ensure that the congregation’s physical spaces are well cared for; everything from new equipment to asbestos removal has been covered.

Soli Seminary Fund

For the direct financial support of members pursuing a seminary education; in recent years the congregation has matched the Foundation’s gift with church funds.

ELCA Scholarship Fund

For the support and encouragement of our youth to consider and attend ELCA member colleges; recent expenditures have funded campus visits and direct scholarship support.

* The Foundation Board is always interested long-term, sustainable gifts. While we encourage giving to one of the existing funds, we are sometimes asked about the development of new designated funds. New funds can be created with a minimum gift of $25,000 and the approval of the Board.