Online Giving

Online Giving: The online giving program has some new and exciting features. You can now create and update your password protected personal information, see your payment history, and change the amount or date that you wish to give by creating your own personal profile. By having your own profile you will be able to manage your account at any time and any day. No waiting for someone in the office during normal office hours. To begin, just click on online giving, and complete the registration form, using a secure payment service provided by Vanco Services. Online giving is the easiest way to support St. John’s and our many programs.

What is online giving? Online giving is an optional and additional method of making donations to St. John’s. The company that St. John’s Stewardship Board thoughtfully & prayerfully chose to use for this service is provided by Vanco Services and is endorsed by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Through this automated program the donor may choose to have their contribution(s) automatically withdrawn from their checking account, savings account or credit/debit card. You, the donor, determine the amount and the frequency of your contribution – weekly, monthly, or one time only.

Why should I switch to online giving?
• Reduce the number of checks you write, and the paperwork that goes with it.
• Never miss a giving opportunity because you forgot your cash or checkbook.
• Support the important work at St. John’s even while out of town or on vacation.
• Lower the church’s processing fees, so more of your gift can be utilized.
• Enjoy peace of mind, knowing we use the best e-security available.
• Set up a profile and be able to manage your giving at any time.

Are electronic contributions risky? No. An electronic contribution is safer than writing a check; it can’t be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. All Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) transactions are regulated by the Federal Reserve and are governed by strict national rules and guidelines. Over four billion EFT transactions are processed annually in the United States. We further protect your safety by utilizing the latest technology in e-security.

What are the advantages of online giving? There are many advantages to online giving. Its convenience can save you time and simplify your life. We hope this service will help to level out the flow of giving, especially during the summer months so that they are not as financially challenging for St. John’s bill-paying during this time. Additionally, we anticipate it will help reduce costs by potentially eliminating the need to mail offering envelopes to homes that use this service exclusively.

How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is automatically deducted from my bank account? Giving online is a wonderful convenience that enables you to put away your checkbook and pen and to focus on God and the inspirational music that is provided during the offering.

Can contributions be directed to specific funds within St. John’s? Yes. You may currently designate all, or a specified portion of your donation to any of St. John’s funds – regular offering, debt reduction and special offerings. Memorial contributions will be designated “in honor” or “in memory” of the individual you specify.

Without a canceled check, how can I prove that I made a contribution to St. John’s? The financial institution that represents your account (checking, savings or credit/debit card) generally provides you with a statement that would reflect your donation. Additionally, St. John’s will include all online giving transactions in your quarterly and annual giving statements.

Is there any charge to me from my bank or St. John’s to give online? No and yes. There is absolutely NO cost to you, the donor. In accordance with our contract with Vanco Services, there are small processing costs to St. John’s for any checking and savings account transactions. St. John’s is also assessed a fee for all credit/debit card transactions, it is a percentage based on the dollar amount of the contribution.

Can I give by credit card? Yes. Two things to note: online giving is provided for your convenience and as a way to facilitate faithful stewardship of the financial resources God has blessed you with. Making an electronic check contribution is much less expensive for St. John’s than using a debit/credit card. We do not endorse going into debt to give to St. John’s, so we ask that credit cards be used responsibly.

How will funds be withdrawn directly from my checking or savings account? You authorize the withdrawal. No one can deduct money from your account automatically unless you specifically authorize it by completing the online giving registration found on the St. John’s website, or by completing and signing the Electronic Transfer Funds sheet available at the church office. You can download an EFT Simply Giving and return it to the church office.

How often are funds electronically withdrawn from my account? You may elect to have funds withdrawn on a repetitive basis either weekly or monthly or you can choose to make a one-time only donation/contribution.

When will this automatic contribution be taken from my account? When you sign up to give automatically, you pick the start date that you would like your contributions to begin. You can contribute weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a one-time contribution. The start date, however, must be at least two days from the current date, and deductions that fall on a weekend or holiday will be taken out on the next banking day

What if I want to automatically give my regular offering weekly and to another fund once per month? If you want to designate more than one type of contribution online, but each at a different frequency (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.), you must complete the registration process for each contribution separately. The process only takes about five minutes each time through.

What if I want to change the amount of my contribution or how often I give? When you register for the online giving program, you can create your own profile and password to manage your account. You will be able to view your contribution history, change the amount and/or date that you give, and update your profile information. If you have any questions on how to go about this, please contact the church office at 507.645.4429.

What if I change banks or accounts? You will need to complete and sign an Electronic Funds Transfer form (available at the church) for any changes made to your account numbers. Unless you have set up a profile online, then you may update your information at any time.

How do I make an adjustment to my online giving or direct giving account? Adjustments cannot be made online unless you have created a profile. If you do not have a profile please contact the church office at 507.645.4429.

Who do I contact at St. John’s if I have more questions? Email to the church office at or call 507.645.4429.

How do I get started? You can sign up for automatic deductions from either your checking, savings account or credit/debit card by clicking online giving on the St. John’s website and entering your information. If you prefer not to sign up online, you can fill out and sign the Electronic Funds Transfer sheet available at the church.