PEEL where 10-12 people gather together for a weekend to learn about photography, poetry, and each other. St. John’s did one PEEL event last spring. It was a deepening and eye-opening experience to slow down and intentionally connect with another person we didn’t know well before. This winter and spring we are trying an experiment at St. John’s to explore what happens to a community like ours if a bunch of people have this kind of experience. Between January and April, we will host six separate PEEL events. Would you like to participate? All it takes is the time (Friday evening, much of Saturday, and Sunday afternoon) and the openness and curiosity to get to know another person and yourself as you learn about photography and poetry. No special experience or talent needed. PEEL weekends will be January 27-29, February 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, March 24-26, and April 21-23. If one of these weekends works for you, sign up in the Commons or online or contact Kristin Partlo or one of the pastors.