Life in the Time of COVID. Tell us your story . . .

The New York Times calls COVID-19 “the greatest health catastrophe in a century.”  In our community, the first infections began in mid-March 2020, and the pandemic remains an ongoing public health crisis. In one way or another, we still feel its impact on our lives. The Faith & Health Board invites St. John’s members of all ages to reflect on living in the time of COVID. What have you experienced and felt? What have you lost or gained? How are you coping? How has the pandemic affected work, family, and church? Do you see a hopeful future?

We are looking for stories from 100 to 2500 words in length. Artwork and poetry are also welcome. Please email your story to: If you are unable to send your story by email, please mail or drop off a paper copy to the St. John’s office.

We are also hoping to hear from our young people in words, art, audio, or video.  We ask that submissions by children under 18 be done by their parent or guardian using this link:

If you do not want your story to be published in the CCB online directory or in a printed book, please let us know.