Interested applicants should apply to St. John’s with a cover letter and resume to by September 30, 2018.

St. John’s Lutheran Church offers a collegial work environment with flexibility to persons interested in serving a faith community committed to worship, welcome, and generosity.

Kitchen and Hospitality Coordinator
Part-time, non-exempt 10-15 hours/week

Primary Function:
To invite and coordinate St. John’s hospitality on Sundays, at funerals, and in other special events, with special attention to roles that require kitchen use.

Source of Supervision:   Senior Pastor

Direction of Other Staff:  None

Primary duties

  1. Coordination of Sunday hospitality roles, supporting monthly group leaders and working in coordination with church staff. This includes supporting volunteers who accomplish the weekly preparation of the Eucharist, hospitality service such as coffee hours and greeting.
  2. Staff support of the Funeral Committee, assuring that our kitchen policies are carried out and that communication with families at the time of death is both clear and supportive within St. John’s funeral policies.
  3. Coordination of kitchen use across St. John’s functions – including Sundays, funerals, Wednesday community meals, Christmas dinner, and ensuring that both staff and volunteers have the knowledge, equipment, and communication they need.
  4. Regularly lifting up the meaning and purpose of volunteer roles, thanking volunteers both publicly and personally on a regular basis.


  1. Exceptional interpersonal communication, including willingness and ability to use email, phone, and in-person conversation, depending on the individual’s needs.
  2. Sensitivity to families in grief and others who may be new to the community, demonstrating patience and clarity in communication.
  3. Ability to learn and use St. John’s Church Community Builder software for communicating and building up the volunteer database.
  4. Clear written communication.
  5. Willingness to learn basic food safety regulations and ensure that kitchen policies are enforced.
  6. Regular presence on Sunday mornings.
  7. Weekly Tuesday morning staff meetings.
  8. Ability to adapt to the uncertainty of changing schedules when necessary due to funerals.