Council Members

President: Ruthie Neuger (2017-2018)

President-elect: Rob Quanbeck (2017-2018)

Secretary: Kristy Harms (2017-2018)

Treasurer, and chair of Business Management: Bill Carlson (2016-2019)

Adult Ministry and Education chair: Alyssa Ness (2016-2019)

Benevolence and Social Concerns chair: Jane Rinehart (2016-2019)

Children’s Ministry and Education chair: Sue Brockman (2017-2018)

Evangelism and Communications chair: Andrea Hoff (2015-2018)

Faith and Health chair: Jennifer Edwins (2017-2019)

Properties and Grounds chair: Dave Legvold (2017-2018)

Stewardship chair: Dan Van Tassel (2016-2019)

Worship and Arts chair: Nancy Ordahl-Kmoch (2017-2020)

Youth Ministry and Education chair: Jenny Nystrom (2017-2018)