Special Congregational Meeting – Sunday, April 28, immediately following 11:00 service

April 28th, 2013, immediately following the 11:00 a.m. service, we will hold a special congregational meeting in St. John’s Hall.  At that meeting the Executive Committee will present a resolution to the congregation requesting approval for the expenditure of up to $75,000 from our reserves to complete capital improvements for the Church.

This proposal was brought forward at the budget review meeting in late January, and was presented as a part of both the budget presentation and the treasurer’s report at the Annual Meeting.  However, the congregation did not vote specifically on this item.  This meeting will complete that process.

Over the last year, the Executive Committee has been gathering information on the infrastructure and property needs of the Church.

As we dealt with changes in our personnel, we discovered that computers were unnecessarily slowing the ability of staff members to get their work done.

Our phone system was so outdated that we could no longer get parts to repair it.  We weren’t able to complete the simplest of tasks without a huge investment of staff time.

Internet is not available throughout the building.

We have a sound system that inconsistently produces sound for our most basic ministry: worship services.

As we began to ask the question and assemble the list, we were presented with a list of over $300,000 in needed repairs to the Church property.   This does not include the cost of tuckpointing the Church exterior, which has been estimated at over $600,000.

Did you know that we have not painted the sanctuary of the Church since 1989?

We have windows throughout the building that are rotting, or are ready to fall out of their frames.  Rumor is we have one window that is growing mushrooms.

We will be requesting the release of up to $75,000 from reserves to begin the process of addressing these capital expenditures.  We would anticipate having further conversation with the congregation about how we incorporate the stewardship of our buildings and grounds into our ministry.

As a small step in this direction, the giving envelopes will incorporate a line for capital expenditures, if you are interested in directing additional gifts to this cause.  The church is a gift we have been given to care for and minister from.  As a congregation, we must attend to its care, along with the care of our members and ministries.

Please join us on Sunday, April 28th, for this important meeting.