Rhubarb Sunday is June 15!

We celebrate all the gentlemen in our congregation: the sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers on Father’s day between first and second services in St. John’s Hall!  This church-wide celebration of rhubarb is especially for you!  Join the fun!

These very generous families open their rhubarb patches to you.  Do you want to go and cut your own, or would you like to call and ask if they might be able to bring a bundle of cut rhubarb to church on Sunday, June 8, for you? It will be fine to refrigerate it for one week, from June 8 to the 15. Rhubarb is hardy!

Jim & Judy Cederberg
John & Carrie Duba
John & Patsy Ophaug
Mark and Mary Polzin
David & Susan Rudser
Joe & Judy Smith