Dedication of Banners ~ This Sunday, August 3, at Both Services

This coming Sunday we dedicate two new banners for the St. John’s sanctuary. The first bas-relief you’ve already seen for several Sundays, and the second is now completed. Both are intended to enhance our worship in the ordinary season following Pentecost, the season of growth in faith and gratitude for the Holy Spirit’s work among us.

These banners, conceived by Lynette Swanson, designed by Judy Swanson and artfully constructed out of styrofoam by Noel Swanson, were commissioned by the St. John’s Chancel Guild with a memorial gift from the family of Kathy Mroz, who passed away in May of 2013. Kathy was an avid gardener as well as a faithful member of the Chancel Guild, so the combined gifts to our worship space and our gratitude for the gifts of creation are particularly appropriate.

The “ordinary” season of the church is long, so watch over the weeks ahead, as the light in our sanctuary changes with the seasons, how the shadows on these banners bring out new detail each week.